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2004 Results
September Sabatoge
Cambridge Parks and Rec Center
Cambridge, OH
Sat, Sept. 4th, 2004
Blackwater def. Sean "K-Nine" Kindred, with the help of his evil manager Siren Demented. Who, while the ref was distracted, hung Kindred's neck up in the ropes. Therefore, giving Blackwater the advantage and the win.
American Championship Wrestling
Sunday, Sept. 5th, 2004
Prince of Polyester def Blackwater
American Championship Wrestling
Seasons Beatings
Wash Court House
Sat, Dec.11, 2004
Nightmare Jimmie Lee def. Freakshow and Prince of Polyester.
Lee's new manager, Siren Demented, interfered during the match, choking Freakshow and even going as low as slapping P.O.P at times. The evil Demented even went as far as tripping and pulling P.O.P from the ring.